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Welcome to my site!  This has been a labor of love for me and it feels really good to finally have it up and running!

The question I'm asked the most is "What is Miru?"  Miru is a Japanese word that means to see, to examine, to view, to watch...and I chose this name because it is the root of what photography is. It asks you to see, view, examine, etc.  The word also is the same in more than just Japanese.  In Spanish, mirar means to see and a mirror is used to do what??...see oneself, examine.  It's multi-dimensional .  I want anyone who sees my work to really look at it, remember it and wonder about it.


I've been a photographer for as long as I can remember.  It's my voice of expression when I have no other way to explain the images that roll in and out of my head.  My creative outlet. 


My formal education was first Dartmouth College in New Hampshire (I was supposed to be a doctor, go figure) where I began to explore my love for the body and fortunate enough to have friends who let me experiment with them.  Then I moved to New York to attend Pratt Institute for my Master of Fine Art. 


I finally made it to New York!  Fashion Mecca! Models galore!  WRONG!  No money for film, (Yes, I'm aging myself.  There was NO Digital Photography!) chemicals for the darkroom and certainly no money to pay models!  I  used an old 4X5 Speedgraphic camera and started taking photos of people on the subway.  Nothing new and fresh about that.  I just wasn't feeling it.

I graduated and took an internship in Washington, D.C. and after a long period of nothing, my life started to take shape.  I had the best first job in the world, the graphic shop in the Pentagon!  Nine short months later, a plane hit my building which definitely has a way of making you get off your ass and looking at what you want to do! 


Slowly and with a lot of help from friends, I found my way back to my medium and developed my photographic style.  The lights and darks...chiaroscuro (look it up). The way light hits the skin and bounces back or creating with shadows.  I've always been fascinated by darkness and putting things into the light.  Sometimes I like to paint my models and create a sort of barrier between who they are and who I want them to be.  I'm weird that way but I found that weirdness and uniqueness are one in the same and makes my work stand out.

So I'm branching out and asking you to take this ride with me.  Maybe you want family photos or photos of your pets, engagement shots, yes, I can and enjoy doing those types of photos...but I say, try something new...branch out and see where it takes you.  Let's do some head shots that turn heads or pregnancy photos that you will NEVER forget.


MIRU is...


(540) 987-6296

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